3 Secrets WHY Crypto and Why Now

DeFi is the future whether we believe it or not.

#1. DeFi - Decentralized Finance or Digital money is the wave of the future. Right before our eyes, history is being made and this will be the biggest transfer of wealth in history.


#2. You have a chance to take advantage and be in front of the wave if you learn this skill now.

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#3. There is not an education system in place to teach the masses how to really capitalize on how to use crypto currency to their advantage.


Don't just take my word about DeFi. Do a little research.

To all the parents out there, if you would like to give your children and grandchildren something, why not give them a head start? Now is the time to jump in and learn the future, DeFi. 

For you sports fans out there, the GOAT, Tom Brady and one of the best shooters in NBA history, Steph Curry, are getting into the crypto game. Click here to see for yourself. 


That's a clue to me, but you can at least get some basic information for FREE today.

It's BIG NEWS click here to see what CNBC is saying.

News & Publications

Bitcoin tops $1 trillion in value again as the cryptocurrency’s price jumps. Even though bitcoin is sitting off of its all-time-high of $58,332.36, it has seen a huge rally. The digital currency is up over 80% this year and 570% higher over the last 12 months.

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  • How to have the right mindset

  • Proper risk management

  • Definition of candlesticks

  • Definition of a broker

  • Several testimonies (Ex. Cory learned how to trade

     while in prison.)

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What are people saying about "Learn the New Rules of Money".


Donna A.

"I found the book really easy to follow, it was as if the author was right there in the room, giving clear direction. As a visual learner, I found the descriptive use of the different components useful, such as the candle which has always stuck with me. Very easy and insightful for a first timer exploring the world of Forex trading."


Roselinda R.

"As a mother, leaving a legacy for generations to come is a key goal. That starts with establishing a firm foundation, built on the proper application of knowledge. This book shows just that…concise and to the point! Here’s to building legacy’s foundation!"


Kellie H.

"I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Coach Randolph and I was very happy to learn that he wrote a book breaking down information on Forex. I knew absolutely nothing about it until a mutual friend introduced it to me but it was not clicking at all until I read this book! Thanks Coach Randolph for sharing your knowledge and breaking down the information for a newbie!!"

Craig R.

"I knew nothing about Forex or crypto until I read "Learn the New Rules of Money" and it opened my eyes to a whole different world. I'm excited about learning this process, and this book has given me a jump start.
Thanks Coach."

Janie W.

"I have known Carl (Coach) Randolph for a long time. He believes in people and he believes in lifelong learning. He loves teaching others the mastery of new skills. When Carl invited me to come see what he was working on, I accepted  the invitation. I had no idea how to trade in the FOREX market but it intrigued  me. It was out of my comfort zone but I found that challenged me more. I can't count how many times I have opened his book and found the answers I have needed when trying to understand how to trade. Thank you for writing this amazing book."

Dirk K.

"To be honest with you the first time I heard about Forex & Crypto I was pretty skeptical. However, once I start reading “Learn the New Rules of Money” it help me understand a lot more and how it all work together. I’m so glad I took the time to read this book and get a better understanding."

Margaret W.

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"I’m a very busy person with a lot of things going on my plate. I can see that crypto is the future. So I’m not going to miss out. The book “Learn the new Rules of Money” has really impacted me. I’m enjoying learning how to trade and it has helped me understand the basics of trading and I can’t wait to really get this down."

Catherine S.


“I was enjoying my retirement life until one day my son, Pastor Stafford, mentioned  to me about learning a new skill on how to trade Forex and crypto. I became interested in it, at which time he introduced me to Coach Randolph. I wasn’t sure if  I would be able to learn this skill or not, but once I started reading the book and learning the new rules of money, I could see it was straightforward, an easy read and a great study guide. I’m now excited about learning this new skill.
Great job Coach."

"Why DeFi " coming soon - A basic breakdown into crypto!


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